Get Safe Training

Best Practice Managed Solutions is an enterprise providing training & consultancy to 1000+ construction companies in Australia. Currently, company is offering 1000+ courses for construction industry. Some of my team members and I have been hired for the project since 2013. I have developed their LMS from scratch.

ACE Best

The project started when Ace, Japan contacted to develop a plugin which allow their users to test their microphones before attempting TOEFL practice tests on their website. Having inspired by our quality work, Ace hired us for many further projects and we are still developing new features for their website.

Assent university

Green Path Online

FMW Tech

Cloud People Academy

Static pages plugin has been developed for cloud people academy site.
The feature of this plugin are given below:
1. By using this plugin we cane add statically pages for site, and can use the link of these pages any where on site.


The project was to:
a) correct some theme issues
b) create some custom reports
c) allow multilingual SCORM packages
d) automatic enrollment path setup for courses I completed all the assignments and further opined client to setup a development server, which was also setup.
The unique things with this project are:
a) I have setup a course where users get enrolled when they register and after completing the course, they automatically gain access to two other courses.
b) Assisted SCORM content developers in developing SCORM content where relevant content is loaded based on user's language selection in LMS.


Omni College

Future School Online

International Yacht Training LMS

This project involved:
a) Developing LMS
b) Moving their courses to new LMS
c) Providing consultancy on how to use the new system.

Training Moodle Courses

LearnMe is an Austrailian Education Company providing Certification Courses. I have developed 2 Level IV Certification Courses. 8 Courses are being Developed. Courses are developed from Word Documents. Key Features:
1. Developed HTML web pages from word documents
2. Created and Imported question bank into Moodle
3. Developed Customized Assignments.

The BA Coach

The Business Analyst Coach is a site providing CBAP Prep Course, CCBA Prep Courses, Exam question bank for CBAP, CCBA and Exam simulations for CCBA / CBAP. The courses required a complex structure for question bank. The questions needed to be categorized on multiple characteristics/ways. Then the quizzes needed to be created from those categories as per requirements. 1) Proper Question bank structure was developed and assistance was provided in implementation. 2) A quiz plugin was developed which allowed generation of tag based reports. 3) aMember was installed & customized as a payment solution 4) aMember + Moodle 2 single sign on integration was developed. 5) Affiliate & coupon setup was configured. 6) Certificate module was installed and customized as per client requirements.

eYoga Studies

This project involved:
a) Custom responsive theme development
b) development of 6 site pages
c) Blog system for Moodle
d) Consultancy about video hosting
e) Customized course page development
f) On-going support The client has offered multiple projects one after other.

Food Service Training Portal

This project involved development of an LMS which may serve training needs for an enterprise. The system allows:
a) Department Management
b) Programs & Learning Path Management
c) Custom Certificate generation system Now, I am providing time to time feature development and bug removal services along with server management.

BARE International

This is a small project for Bare International. The project included: Customize theme Create Role Other little tasks for assistance.

The BA Coach

The BA Coach