Urgent Task 1 - implement amember

User Creation

User creation plugin is developed for eatfresh. This is permission based plugin. This plugin only allow to those users they have permission such as admin, manager. General users cannot create user by using this plugin.

Multi Selected Checkbox

Multi selected checkbox plugin is developed for on the request of eatfresh. This is user profile field plugin. By using this plugin user can select multiple choices of a question.

Calender Reminder

Calendar reminder plugin has been developed for ace.best. This plugin is developed for general users. When user create event an email reminder has been sent to the user before one or two days of event date.

Dashboard Block

This dashboard plugin has been developed for ace.best. The dash board plugin is developed to make site more attractive and easier to use.
The features of that block are following:
1. User can see their picture,name,country,scores and goal on that dashboard.
2. User can edit their profile, and add and delete toefl scores. If a user share content to other users other users also see share and review submission.
3. User also see attempt scores of toefl on graph.
4. Also user see site news on block.

Custom Courses Page

Courses plugin has been developed for assent university. The feature of this plugin are following:
1. By using this plugin user can see enrolled and available courses that's links displayed on site navigation. The enrolled courses link show all enrolled courses on a page and available courses link redirect to available courses page all available courses are listed on this page.

Course user list download

A couple of things that will help me out with our marketing and contacting people. For example... the latest webinar course (24/7 reporting line) - When I click on users within that, i just get a list over a few pages. I need to download these users to an excel spreadsheet so i can work with the data and keep contact logs etc. Is this possible? that a download list can be added to the options? Also, it doesn't say what company they are registered with if any. It would be good to have that column available so that i can see if they are already accessing other modules in the future when there are more up there. Helps with marketing as then I am not contacting people who are already under a company on the elearning site also, is there any way to sort by enrollment date? This is not neccessary if I can have the excel download as I can data sort in there. But if not, being able to tell who registered when, will help me too.


toeflaudio question type plugin for ace.best site.


Cloud People Academy is a training provider in Denmark. They deliver training using webinars. This plugin has been developed to manage their webinars in different categories and allow users to register for webinars. Main features of the plugin are:
Allow admin to manage webinar categories
Allow admin to manage webinars
Allow admin to set maximum seats for each webinar
Display webinars and their details
Allow users to subscribe / unsubscribe webinars
Download report about webinars
The plugin is fully responsive and allows multiple lanugages

Fitnance Report

This plugin has been developed on request from Fit Education College, AU. The plugin allows admins to choose a course and a student. Then, it displays the following details about the assignments in the course: Assignment name Start date Latest status Status date Teacher's feedback

Music School Dashboard

This is a custom dashboard for a music school. The dashboard has been designed to meet specific needs of music school. It exhibits following unique features: Distinct dashboards for students, teachers, and parents Quote of the day on student dashboard Student lessons in a course listed in dashboard. Students can track and record practice times of each lesson Teachers and parents can see their students' practice times on their dashboard Students, teachers, and parents can communicate with one another through their dashboard.

Timed Speaking

This question type has been developed to create a language assessment in Moodle. The question type allows teachers to create questions which allow: Setting up initial preparation time Setting up time to speak Setting up question description Then student while attempting question can read the question description and prepare answer for the specified time. Then, students can record their answer for allowed time and submit as mp3 audio. Teacher can listen to recorded audio and grade questions.

Complete Report

Complete report plugin has been developed for eatfresh.The plugin allow admin to choose a course start date and end date and view complete user report. Then, it displays following details about questionnaire and signup.
1. Participant Id
2. Username
3. Email Address
4 City/town
5. State

Stat Report

This plugin has been developed for on request from eatfresh. This plugin allow admin to choose start data and end date. Then, it displays course name and displays the count of users who have been completed course. And also show the user counts which are created during selected time, and also report download in excel file.

Cam plugin


This plugin has been developed for on the request from get safe training AU. Different institutes provides technical training's to the students. This plugin generate the AVETMISS report.

Get Safe Trainings plugin

This is a comprehensive plugin, which is part of the plugins developed for Get Safe Training, AU. The block provides a host of features which include:
a) Display all courses assigned to a student with completion status information and expiry date
b) Display all the courses in which a user is assigned teacher role.
c) Allow admin to manage clients companies
d) Allow company managers to add users to their company; purchase course licenses and assign training courses to their users against the purchased licenses.
e) Allow admins to set course expiry for different courses.
f) Allow admins to generate coupons which users can use while purchasing courses through PayPal Express Checkout.
g) Allow admin to create and manage training matrix.
h) Allow users to view their training matrix based on their job role and request training. and much more...

Learning Program

This plugin developed for different LMS systems.
1. By using this plugin student can easily signup and login to site.
2. When student click on enroll button the user enrolled in full courses which are mention in this program.

Inactivity email notification

This plugin allows admin to configure which users will / will not receive inactivity notification and after how many days of inactivity, the notification email will be sent. Then, if a user remains inactive for those many days, an email is sent to the user.

Refferal code

We can add different refferal codes of courses. If Student add correct refferal code during signup student will be enrolled in full course otherwise simple course.

Webinar categories

All categories of webinars displaying in this block by clicking on the link the relevant category opened.